Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 2, 2023
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Whether you're shopping for a man, a woman, or kids, finding the right present can be a challenge. But don't worry, we've got you covered! In this post, we'll be exploring a range of gift options that are perfect for each of these categories. From practical gifts that are sure to be useful to sentimental gifts that will bring a smile to their faces, we've got something for everyone. So, if you're looking to show your love and appreciation this Valentine's Day, read on for some great gift ideas!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Man In Your Life

This section written by guest blogger Howard Hsu (single and available in San Francisco)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m here to help you answer the perennial question: What do I buy the man in my life? As a single man in his 30s, I’ve heard that I’m among the most difficult groups of folks to shop for. 

Fortunately, over the years, I’ve honed a general philosophy towards gift giving that has served me well. I think this will work for you all, too! This is my general philosophy: 

  • Experiences > Things
  • The more personal and specific, the better
  • People are always happy if you can bring them closer to their passions and hobbies

Pretty simple. This should work for pretty much everyone that you’re close to. Here’s what that might look like for me: 

Cameo: I’ll start off with a fun one. Cameos are my go-to gift. 

Cameo is a marketplace where you can request a custom video from any of their celebrities/personalities. Their roster is massive, so it feels like you can request a video from anyone: the star of the most recent show that you binge-watched together, the host of their favorite podcast, or their favorite athlete growing up. 

All you need to do is to find the celebrity on their search engine, specify details about your recipient, and then you’ll receive a video in a few days. 

Cameos are inherently personal. The trick here is weaving in personal jokes and details into instructions. Oftentimes, the results are hilarious. A few years ago, I got one from the GOAT Dikembe Mutombo for my best friend. We still quote it to this day. These cameos are something that your recipient can keep and share over and over. 

Cooking Classes: I grew up in the restaurant industry and Top Chef is my favorite reality show. So you better believe that I’m a sucker for basically anything cooking-related. 

While there are local-based cooking schools from which you can buy classes, I’ve also had good success with classes through Sur La Table. Yes, the kitchen store also hosts cooking classes with a range of cuisines to fit your recipient. This is a memorable experience to do together, and you can up your weekday meal game in the process! 

Nixplay: Over the past few years, I’ve taken up photography, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to display my favorites. In the past, this might have required going through my digital files, picking photos one-by-one, and then buying prints from Shutterstock or CVS. As a digital picture frame, the Nixplay simplifies all this. What makes the Nixplay stand out even more is the ability to create shared albums with your friends and family. So even if you give this away as a gift, you can actually add to a shared album of photos that are displayed on the frame.

I got one of these for my brother when he moved to Singapore, and I uploaded a bunch of our classic photos so he’d always feel closer to home. He really enjoyed it! 

Currently 25% off all frames for Valentine's Day.

Vuori Pants: When all else fails, give the gift of athleisure. I basically live in mine: whether hopping on a flight, running errands, or just working around the house, these things treat me well. They strike a pretty remarkable balance: they’re cut well and feel athletic, and yet still feel like butter. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Woman In Your Life

Ouli’s Ointment LOVE bundle: This romantic bundle from Ouli’s Ointment made of organic and clean ingredients includes their popular All in One Balm, the Ola Oil and the Essential Oil Massage Candle. The Ola Oil also double as a great massage oil.

Heart of Gold Charm from Elia Fulmen: For the woman who has a heart of gold, this charm from jewelry designer Elia Fulmen is a perfect recognition of her generosity. Pair it with the matching Chain of Command. This is also a great intro to the full line of Elia Fulmen’s empowerment charms that uplift, celebrate and support women.  

Luxury handbag: Treat her to a high-end handbag that she's been eyeing. From designer brands to up-and-coming labels, a luxury handbag is a gift that she'll use for years to come. I’ve got my eye on the Polene numero neuf. If your valentine is into sustainability, consider getting a used, but authenticated luxury handbag from The Real Real.

Spa treatment: Get her a gift card or book her an appointment for a hydrafacial at her favorite spa. This facial seems to be a very popular treatment and can be customized to her particular skin’s needs.

Cashmere blanket: It seems like half the country is going through a cold spell, ice storm, or unrelenting snow and rain, all while the price of natural gas is skyrocketing. A beautiful cashmere blanket will keep her warm and cozy without all the bulk.

For more gift ideas, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide from last year. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Kids In Your Life

After a friend read our last post about Valentine’s Day decor, she mentioned that it was perfectly timed as she was starting to think about her kids’ Valentine’s Day breakfast table. I don’t know if she is the only one who does a special holiday-themed breakfast table, but what a great idea! Even if you’re not throwing an actual party, what kid wouldn’t feel special with a table set with Valentine’s Day plates, napkins, sparklers, and straws. Check out our previous post on Valentine’s Day decor for our recommendations. 

While I’ve always thought of this holiday as the exclusive domain of couples, I’m sure the kiddos wouldn’t be opposed if they got a little something too. Some families do baskets filled with lots of toys and candy (similar to Easter) while others do a single gift. Some don’t give Valentine’s Day gifts at all since the kids will be getting all kinds of candy and treats at school. Whatever your traditions are, I’m sure the kids are looking forward to this holiday. And if you don’t need any gift ideas for kids, bookmark this list and come back to these ideas for their birthdays or other special occasions.

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