Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 27, 2022
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Mother’s Day is fast-approaching and it’s very early this year - May 8th! If you were caught off guard by the date, you’re in good company. 

Moms come in all forms. There are the ones that are biologically related to you - the ones we traditionally call mom and grandma. There are the ones who became a mom through some life event - adopted mom, foster mom or stepmom. There are those we consider second mom’s, like an aunt but somehow more. For me, that was my best friend’s mom growing up who taught me about Jewish holidays, fed me countless snacks, and drove me to extracurricular activities.

And for all these women in my life, I’m grateful. Mother’s Day is a day to reflect on that feeling. It is an opportunity to show our appreciation to those women who did the best they could and rarely got appreciated the other 364 days of the year. I know I’m guilty of this (sorry, Mom) and now that I have my own child, I definitely appreciate these women even more.

If you need ideas for gifts, read on…

The Chef Mom

For the one who always had a homemade snack waiting for you and your friends after school

Smithey Cast Iron: I have the 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch cast iron skillet as well as the carbon steel skillet, and I still want more. 

Modern Twist: These trivets are not only beautiful, come in many colors to suit your mom’s table decor, but also fit together so cleverly to form a bigger protective surface. 

The Beautiful Mom

For the one who painted your nails and taught you to always wash your makeup off…and now tells you to avoid toxic chemicals in your skincare

May Lindstrom: The Chocolate Box is a sampler collection of all the core products and comes beautifully packaged. If you prefer an individual product, the Blue Cocoon feels like a luxurious spa treatment at the end of a long day.

Dear Sundays: Nail polish that comes in a beautiful array of colors AND has an extra wide brush that makes it easy to apply at home. 

Ilia Beauty: The Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm is not at all fussy as it goes on more like a stain and smells oh-so-nice due to the cocoa oil. The Wanderlust shade is reminiscent of Clinique’s Black Honey, the hot-again color, but Ilia is clean beauty!

The Green-Thumb Mom

For the one who has more plant babies than actual babies

Lettuce Grow: This hydroponic system makes it so easy for anyone to have a green thumb. Use code FRIEND-CWIC for $50 off.

Leafy: The Ponytail Palm is the cutest plant and very easy to take care of. My mother fell in love with mine so I bought her one for Mother’s Day a few years ago. And if you really want to splurge, the Monstera Deliciosa ‘Albo Variegata’ is the only plant I’ve seen recently that made me say, “oooooh, I want that”. Leafy is only available for pick-up in California, specifically Palo Alto, San Jose, Pasadena and Roseville.

The Sparkly Mom

For the one who let you play dress up with her nice jewelry 

Easter Ahn Designs: From necklaces and bracelets with an initial or a special character to the most delicate stackable rings that I’m currently coveting, Easter’s designs are beautiful, timeless and feminine. She even does custom jewelry and will help you pick out items to match your existing pieces. She’s incredibly easy to work with. My first project with her was to create a new ring for my mother using the stones from my grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings. 

Chan Luu: If your mom ever said to you, “I love you to the moon and back”, a perfect gift would be earrings or a cuff from Chan Luu’s collection featuring none other than the moon. 

The Crafty Mom

For the one who always made your Halloween costumes herself

Crafter’s Box: Any workshop + materials from this site is great but I’m partial to the the Dried Wreaths Workshop, Poured Resin Premium Workshop, or the Poured Soy Candles Workshop. Or give her a subscription and let her choose for herself. 

Purl Soho Yarn: Beautiful yarn for knitting and crocheting

The Hard-To-Shop-For Mom

If none of these ideas are right for your mom, chocolates and flowers are always a good option. 

Matilda’s Bloombox: Available only in the Bay Area and Austin, TX. They deliver their flowers on set days and only source from local flower farms, keeping the flower farmers in business! The flowers change weekly depending on what the farmers have available and they provide instructions on how to arrange it yourself, so every arrangement is unique. Some of my arrangements are here, here and, here.

Farmgirl Flowers: For all other locations within the 48 states, Farmgirl Flowers has beautiful arrangements in a variety of styles.

Royce Chocolates: Ghana Bitter and Bitter are my favorites as I’m a dark chocolate fan. 

What are you giving to your mom this year? And if you’re a mom yourself, what would you like? Drop us note and share your favorite products with us.

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