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Have you ever loved a product so much that you wanted to tell everyone about it? It probably solved a really big problem for you and when you talk about it, everyone could tell how much you loved it. That is an authentic recommendation! And you are that brand’s best advocate. Now you can be rewarded for that passionate recommendation!

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One streamlined program

As a content creator, you want to spend your time creating content, not pitching every individual brand that you’re passionate about. Sign up once and get access to every store and brand on our platform, without additional forms to fill out and long approval processes. See retailers>>

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Retailers bid for your traffic

Browse the entire Product Catalog to find what you what to promote. Our algorithm will determine which site to send the traffic to, maximizing your earnings. A retailer is doubling their payouts for this month? We’ll send the traffic there. A retailer sells out of an item? We’ll take care of that too. You share the product via our trackable link and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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Open to all 

Most influencers started off their businesses as side hustles - ones that they had to invest significant time in before making a dime. Until you get enough followers, individual brands won’t work with you. Audenticity has no requirements for number of followers and we recognize that often the people with the smallest circle of friends have the most influence. We’re here to grow with you from the time you’re a nano-influencer all the way to when you’re a celebrity. 

Support small businesses

We give direct-to-consumer brands and small curated shops a fighting chance when we send influencer traffic to them instead of the big box stores. We love the convenience of the big stores, too, but it’s great when the small brands can bid for influencer traffic because winning that sale means the most to them. 

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A place for you

Create your Favorites page - a place to store all your favorite product recommendations. You can easily add products to it and share the whole page with friends and followers, whether they follow you on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook groups, WhatsApp chats, or YouTube. A place for all your recommendations independent from your social networks and from specific retailers.

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