Audenticity is a small company enabling authentic advocacy for great products.
Audenticity is a small company enabling authentic advocacy for great products.

Sabrina, Founder and CEO

We provide tools that connect real people with a passion for products with great retailers who want to spread the word about them.

Like many companies, Audenticity’s origins are rooted in a problem I faced in my life. As anyone who has started a family knows, those first few years are both wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. In addition to trying to figure out the whole parenting thing, there are so many new products which claim to make your life easier. But will they? And where to begin?

It was this experience that led me to create Audenticity. 

I was a working professional juggling a newborn and trying to make decisions about how to raise a child and what to buy at the same time. I was constantly going online looking for answers. And while celebrity influencers can have great recommendations, I often found the most useful stuff coming from close friends and the broader community of parents online.

After a while, I had built up my own knowledge that I wanted to share with others. I knew there were lots of retailers out there who were encouraging word-of-mouth discovery through affiliate programs, however I was disappointed to discover that there were few affiliate programs for people like me. I didn’t have millions of Instagram followers, nor time to sign up for siloed retailer programs with varying criteria. 

What I did have was a strong network of parents like myself in both public and private online communities, and a desire to solve this problem for passionate product advocates like myself. I thought there must be a better way to connect retailers of unique and quality products with advocates and shoppers. That led me to create Audenticity. 

Audenticity is democratizing online advocacy for both retailers and content creators. Whether you are a retailer or an advocate, we bring together tools to enable you to reach your potential.

We’ve started with a focus on the kids and family space because of the acute need we’ve felt in our own lives, and are expanding into other categories as we grow. 

If you are a retailer, learn about how Audenticity can help you grow an authentic audience. If you are an advocate, learn how we can help you get rewarded for passionate recommendations for products you know, use, and love.

-Sabrina, Founder & CEO

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