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Audenticity provides a way to track and incentivize existing customers to recommend the retailer’s products to their social network.

Audenticity blends a referral program with an affiliate network to tap into the social influence of everyone who recommends products - from that in-the-know friend to bloggers and influencers on Instagram and TikTok. 

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optimizing for ROI

Optimizing for ROI

Paying for sponsored posts, product placements, and influencer gifts are expensive and have up-front costs with difficult to measure ROI. Audenticity's referral and affiliate programs are performance-based - you pay commission for an actual sale.

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Discoverability of your products

While most affiliate networks only allow an influencer to promote a brand or a product on a specific website, Audenticity aggregates all the products from across our Retailers into one Product Catalog. Advocates can browse the catalog to find products they already love and want to tell the world about, resulting in the most authentic recommendation.

discoverability of your products
drive traffic to your own site

Drive traffic to your own site

When an Advocate decides to share a product they love, even if they first discovered it on Amazon or a big box store, their referral traffic will be sent to the highest bidding Retailer. This allows direct-to-consumer and smaller retailers with curated selections to compete against the larger merchants and drive traffic to their own site.

Grow organically with each sale

You can invite your existing customers to share your product and earn a commission. They can refer a friend via text message, email, or DM. They can post the link on Instagram Stories, post in a forum or community, add it to the show notes in a podcast or YouTube video. Whether they are sharing it with one person or hundreds of thousands of followers, they already know and love your product. 

grow organically and authentically
Audenticity is easy to use

Easy to use

If you can copy and paste, you can set up Audenticity. With one small snippet, you’re good to go—without impacting your site performance. If you're a Shopify retailer, it's even easier with our Shopify app. And ongoing operations are simplified as well — no need to approve applications or manage payments to individual influencers.

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