Earn money for your school

Audenticity For Schools is a program that allows parents to shop at a variety of online retailers and earn money for their child's school or PTA. When a parent makes a purchase through the program, a percentage of the sale will go to the school. Typical commissions range from 5-20%, depending on the retailer. Compare this commission to the 0.5% commission earned from Amazon Smile before it closed down this year.

How It Works

  • Your school or PTA signs up for Audenticity.
  • Audenticity populates the "storefront" with products and direct store links (e.g. Target, Gap) from a variety of online retailers that we have partnerships with.
  • You can then curate these products by adding or removing products and creating collections (e.g. For Our Youngest Learners - ELC, Dress code, Lunch).
  • Invite parents to shop through this "storefront" to generate earnings for your school.
  • When parents shop through your "storefront", the retailer pays Audenticity a commission. Audenticity passes on this commission to the school, keeping a % as network fees.
  • When your earnings reach $25, Audenticity pays your organization.

Audenticity for Schools is a great way for schools and PTAs to raise money without having to ask for donations or as a way to supplement donations. Generate revenue that can be used to fund extracurricular activities, educational supplies, and other important programs.

Check out a demo parent-association storefront here.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs, contact us, or schedule a meeting.