Earn money for your school

Audenticity For Schools is a program that allows parents to shop at a variety of online retailers and earn money for their child's school or PTA. When a parent makes a purchase through the program, a percentage of the sale will go to the school. Typical commissions range from 5-20%, depending on the retailer. Compare this commission to the 0.5% commission earned from Amazon Smile before it closed down this year.

How It Works

  • Your school or PTA signs up for Audenticity.
  • Audenticity populates the "storefront" with products and direct store links (e.g. Target, Gap) from a variety of online retailers that we have partnerships with.
  • You can then curate these products by adding or removing products and creating collections (e.g. For Our Youngest Learners - ELC, Dress code, Lunch).
  • Invite parents to shop through this "storefront" to generate earnings for your school.
  • When parents shop through your "storefront", your organization earns commissions. This works in the same way that affiliate links do for online influencers and content creators.
  • See a demo parent-association storefront.

Audenticity for Schools is a great way for schools and PTAs to raise money without having to ask for donations or as a way to supplement donations. Generate revenue that can be used to fund extracurricular activities, educational supplies, and other important programs.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs, contact us, or schedule a meeting.