Father's Day Gift Guide

May 6, 2023
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Guest post written by Andrew Bowers

Father's Day is fast approaching, that time of year when we honor the man who bravely took care of our child's (we won't mention it, but you know what it is) mess. Or maybe it was your own mess, and that man happens to be your father. Regardless of whose dad he is, celebrate the man by going beyond the usual neckties and give him something truly extraordinary to show your appreciation.

Thule Running Stroller | Cocktail Shaker

For the new and active father

If you’ve got a new dad looking for a way to stay active while keeping an eye on the little one, a running stroller might be just what he needs. These strollers grow with you so they are perfect for both easy newborn strolls around the neighborhood as well as spirited dad-bonding runs with 2 year olds. 

For the mixologist

Do you have a father who spends a little less time on-the-town and a little more time making cocktails at home? Consider raising his bartending game with a metal on metal cocktail shaker. It doesn’t hurt that you may also get a cocktail out of it.

ThermoPro TP20B | NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

For the grillmaster

Whether he grills things to perfection, or swings towards Moo or shoe leather, everyone can benefit from the latest innovations in grill thermometers. Take it high end with a wireless one that doesn’t hold him to the grill, or one that connects to a smartphone.

DeWalt InflatorLeatherman

For the guy who isn’t full of hot air

When kids are around, there’s always something that needs blowing up whether it is balls, bikes or sleep over air mattresses. Save the breath of your favorite father with this Dewalt Inflator.

For the guy who’s always fixing things

Fathers are like magnets for things that need to be fixed. Perhaps because they are so handy around the house.  For those occasions, what better to have close at hand than a multi-tool like the original Leatherman series.

Tender Leaf Toys Tap Tap Tool Box | Tender Leaf Tool Bench

For the dad who hopes to inspire the little ones

Ok, so maybe this isn’t quite a gift for dad but if you have little ones who want to copy what he is doing, consider a toy Tool Bench or Tool Box so they can get in on the fun without reaching for dad’s real wirecutters (which our child called the T-Rex)!

What are you giving to your dad this year? And if you’re a dad yourself, what would you like? Drop us a note and share your favorite products with us.

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