Easter Basket Ideas for Babies, Girls, and Boys

March 25, 2023
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Easter is a special time for families to come together and celebrate. I know that the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the Easter basket is one of the most anticipated spring events for my little one. And since I haven’t yet started the tradition of Valentine’s Day baskets or St. Patrick’s Day baskets, this is the event she looks forward to the most after her birthday (February) and Christmas.

Christmas stockings have a long tradition and seem pretty straightforward. I find the Easter basket to be less so. Do you give candy or only include it in the plastic eggs as part of the Easter Egg hunt? Do you include gifts that don’t fit into the basket, like a gift from Santa that doesn’t fit inside the stocking? Do your kids even believe in the Easter Bunny and if they don’t, do they still get an Easter basket?!

In this blog post, I’ll share three different Easter basket collections for babies, girls, and boys, featuring items found in our product catalog, to help you create the perfect Easter basket for your loved ones…or for you to recommend to your followers on social media.

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

For the littlest family members, Easter baskets should be full of items that are safe and fun to play with. And so much of these early years are focused on eating, I love bunny-themed items for food & drinks. Here are some ideas for a perfect Easter basket for babies:

  • Teething Rings - Wooden or silicone teether rings are perfect for soothing sore gums and are made from natural, non-toxic materials.
  • Plush Toys - A soft and cuddly plush toy is a perfect addition to a baby’s Easter basket. Choose from a variety of options like cute bunnies and lambs from popular brands like cuddle+kind or Mary Meyer. Or include a Warmies to lull them to sleep with the warmth and smell of lavender.
  • Sippy Cups & Water Bottles - As babies begin to transition from bottles to sippy cups and water bottles, an Easter basket is the perfect place to introduce them to their first sippy cup. The silicone sippy cups and stainless steel water bottles with cute designs are perfect for little hands.
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Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

For little girls, Easter baskets can be filled with items that are fun and whimsical. Here are some ideas:

  • Makeup and Hair Accessories - Easter is the perfect time to add some new beauty products to your little girl’s collection. From nail polish to hair clips and bows to bunny bath bombs, there are so many options to match their style.
  • Jewelry - Little girls love to dress up, and jewelry is the perfect accessory. From necklaces to bracelets, there are so many options for costume jewelry or even real gold jewelry that will make any little girl feel like a princess.
  • Craft Kits - For the creative little girl, an Easter basket filled with craft kits is a perfect choice. Include painting sets, fancy markers or pens, jewelry-making kits, or a super fun slime from OG Slimes to keep your little girl entertained for hours.
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Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

For little boys, Easter baskets can be filled with items that are both fun and practical. Here are some ideas for an Easter basket for boys:

  • Toy Cars - Little boys love to play with toy cars, and Easter is the perfect time to add some new ones to their collection. We love wooden toy cars or diecast cars. They can apparently never have too many. Not related to the Easter basket, but this Cool Wheels Car Display Wall Art is such a cool way to display all those cars.
  • Building Blocks - Building blocks are a classic toy that never goes out of style. The wooden building blocks from Grimm’s are perfect for little hands and encourage creativity and imagination but Magnatiles are also great for building.
  • Sunglasses - With summer just around the corner, an Easter basket is the perfect place to add some new sunglasses. The polarized sunglasses for kids found in our product catalog are both stylish and practical.
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Other Easter Basket Collections

If you're looking for even more Easter basket ideas, check out these collections from other Audenticity advocates:

Easter baskets are such a fun way to carry on the magic of the Easter Bunny. Whether you’re creating a basket for a baby, girl, or boy or looking for products to recommend on social media to your friends and followers, browse the product catalog or other Advocates’ collections for some inspiration.

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