New Feature: “My Favorite Things”

November 21, 2022

Have you ever had a friend ask you what you recommend for a baby shower gift, or to solve a specific problem like kids waking up too early, or what present to bring for a birthday party? And you wished there was a place you could send them where all your favorite things were displayed so they could find what they were looking for. Or did you ever look at a friend and think, “Wow, she knows exactly what to buy for every situation?” and wished you could see what HER favorite things were. Now you can! 

We’re introducing “My Favorites” - a place to store all your favorite product recommendations. You can easily add products to it and share the whole page with friends. Invite your friends to create one and you’ll be able to see their favorite items. Think of it as an IRL (in real-life) Pinterest board, not the aspirational board showcasing things you’ll never do or buy, but the things you actually own and love. It’s similar to an Amazon storefront but it doesn’t require that all the products be available on Amazon. In most cases, it would drive traffic to a small business or the original brand’s website.

If you add a product that is available from a Premier or Standard Retailer, you will earn payouts for every sale you drive through this page. You can also add non-commissioned products to this page. You might not earn anything for it, but it’s still an authentic recommendation and one of your friends might want to know about. If enough people add the same product or other products from the same Brand, we will try to get a Retailer to join the network and pay a commission. If they do, there is nothing additional that you need to do. Your links would automatically update to the new Retailer and you will start earning commissions.  

To add your Favorite items, find the products you love and click “Favorite”. It will then show as “Favorited” and added to this page. Need a visual on how to add a favorite? Here's a quick guide.

If you can’t find the item you want to add in the Product Catalog, you can add it yourself here. Check out the Getting Started - Adding New Products guide. 

To set up this page, make sure all your profile details are filled in on Account Setup.

  • The username you choose will determine the URL of this page. URLs will be in the format of You can change it later if you’d like but it must be unique so you can’t have the same user name as someone else. 
  • Upload a photo.
  • Write a short blurb about yourself.

Now you can copy and paste the URL of your Favorites page ( and share it with your friends and followers. A great place to put this is in your Instagram profile link or your link-in-bio service (e.g. Linktree).

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