New Feature: Link to Retailers

November 22, 2022

We built our Product Catalog with the idea that you'll often be showcasing a specific product in an Instagram story/reel, YouTube video or TikTok. But if you love a retailer or brand so much that you want to recommend everything from them or link to a retailer so your friends/followers can browse all the products themselves, you can now link to all of a Brand's products in the Product Catalog.

To access this page, make sure you're logged in. Then click Retailers at the top of the page. There, you'll find a list of all the retailers available on Audenticity. If you click their logo, you'll see all the products available from them in the Product Catalog. If you don't see a product you like from that retailer in the Product Catalog, you can always add it here (How-To Guide).

If you want to link to a Retailer, click the "Link" icon below their logo, just like you do when creating and copying links for a specific product. This will create your unique trackable link. Now you can copy and paste the URL ( and share it with your friends and followers. A great place to put this is in your Instagram story link or your link-in-bio service (e.g. Linktree).

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