Frequently Asked Questions

FREquently asked questions

How do I get started? 

Sign up or log in to Audenticity to access the Product Catalog. Then get your trackable link for any product you want to share. Read more in the Getting Started Guide - Creating Links and Sharing Links.

How do I earn $$$?

When you share a product link and someone clicks on your link and purchases from the retailer, the retailer pays Audenticity a commission. The commission is set by the retailer. Audenticity pays out a portion (70%) of this commission to you for referring the customer, once it is finalized.

What stores and brands do you work with?

All of our stores and brands are listed on our Partners page.

Can I shop through my own links and earn a commission?

Yes, you can! Audenticity brands and retailers want you to be able to talk authentically about their products, so if you do not own their products, you should buy it, try it out and give an honest review. Commissions for every product are listed on the product page. If the retailer offers a coupon or discount code, you can use that too for additional savings!

Can I earn commission for every product in the product catalog?

Almost all the products in the product catalog are eligible for commission. When you're logged in and on the product page, you can see the commission set by the retailer at that time. They can change it in the future, but you can always check to see what the active commission rate is.

By default, when you join the Audenticity platform, you have access to all the products and brands on the platform. In some cases, a retailer may choose to not work with some advocates because they aren't the right fit. If this happens, the retailer will let us know that they have declined an advocate and we will then notify you. Any sales you've already generated for that retailer will still be credited to you but any new sales will not earn any commission.

Why are some commissions showing as 0%?

Some products have 0% commission set. Most likely, these are products that were added by other advocates who want to recommend them even though we do not have a retailer offering a commission. You are welcome to recommend them as well and if we are able to get a retailer to offer a commission, your link will automatically be updated so you don't have to worry about changing it later.

What's the difference between a Premier Retailer and a Retailer?

With Premier Retailers, all of their products available for sale are in the Product Catalog, so it's super easy to create a link and start sharing. You'll see near real-time reporting in your Analytics page for Clicks and Orders driven through your links.

With Retailers, only some of their products are already in the Product Catalog. You'll still be able to earn commission, but first, you'll need to Add the Product (learn how to do it here) by copying the URL for a product page from the Retailer's website and generating a link. It can take up to 24 hours to be added to the Product Catalog but you'll be able to start using your link immediately. Orders and Earnings data are batch-uploaded at the end of the month, rather than real-time.

You can see which of our partners are Premier Retailers on our Partners page.

Can I promote a product or brand even if I don’t have it?

While we’ve seen advocates have great success sharing personal videos of them using a given product, sometimes you don’t have the product on hand, you’re waiting for it to arrive, or you’re no longer in that life stage but you feel a strong affinity to the brand or their mission. You are more than welcome to post about any product even if you don’t own it. 

Some of our brands have added Brand Assets, which include logos, images perfectly sized for different types of posts, suggested captions and hashtags to make it super easy for you to share about their products. You can download the images and quickly copy and paste the text and edit it to your style. You can then supplement your personal content with these brand assets or just post the brand assets themselves. 

You can find these brand assets only for Premier Retailers. When you’re logged in, click on Brands in the header and this will take you to the Premier Retailers by default. Click on any logo to see their Product Catalog. If they have Brand Assets available, you’ll be able to navigate to that page from the Product Catalog page. The first two retailers to release Brand Assets are Kahlmi and J.L. Childress.

Do I need to tell people that I earn a commission?

The FTC requires clear and conspicuous disclosure if you receive a free item, cash, or payment to review or promote a product - this includes receiving a commission on the sale of a product. There is no standard disclosure language, so you should simply provide readers/followers with essential information in close proximity to the relevant claim or product feature. 

Every customer who clicks on your shared link will land on a Product page that states that you may earn a commission, but you should still put an #ad hashtag in your social media posts and a full disclosure on each blog post.

For more information, visit the official site of the FTC.

What does “finalized” mean?

Once an order is placed, the retailer must fulfill the order. If either the retailer or the customer cancels all or part of the order before it is shipped/fulfilled, the eligible commission is reduced or eliminated. If the retailer fulfills all or part of the order, there is typically a period of time (usually 30 days) when a customer can initiate a return and get a refund. Refunded amounts also do not qualify for commission. Once the products have shipped and the return period has passed, the commission is “finalized” for the retailer. 

In their next billing cycle, the retailer will be invoiced for their “finalized” commissions. When the retailer pays their invoice, then the Advocate Earnings will be “finalized”. If the Retailer is delayed in or defaults on paying their invoice, then Advocate Earnings will not be “finalized” or paid out.

When do I get paid? 

When your earnings total $25 or more, we will ask you to provide some paperwork for tax purposes. Once that is complete, we will send you a paper check each month that your accumulated earnings are greater than $25. If you prefer to donate your earnings to a charitable organization, please contact us at

Who qualifies to be an Advocate? 

During our pilot program, you must be a U.S. resident with a U.S. tax identification number such as a social security number or EIN in order for us to make payments to you. If you are not a U.S. resident, email to get added to the waitlist. Alternatively, you can join now and donate your earnings to a charitable organization. We would love to be able to support more users soon.

I couldn’t find the product I want to promote.

The product may still be available from one of our Retailers and eligible for commission. If so, you can add it to the Product Catalog. See How to Add a New Product.

If it is not available from one of our Retailers, you can still add it to to the Product Catalog in the same way - by copying and pasting the URL. By doing so, you can favorite it and recommend it to others using your trackable link. We will try to find a retailer that offers commission to direct the traffic to. If we do, you'll automatically start earning payouts as long as you're using the trackable link.

What are gifted collabs and how do they work?

A gifted collab is a partnership between a brand and an advocate where the brand or retailer sends the advocate free products in exchange for promotion on the advocates' social media platforms or website.

Brands and retailers on the Audenticity platform may choose to offer a gifted collab. If you are interested in creating content for the Brand or Retailer and sharing it on your social media channels, you can apply on the Brand's page. Learn more about gifted collabs and rules here in the Gifted Collab FAQs.

What are click campaigns and how do they work?

In a click campaign, you earn a small flat fee for every unique click your post receives. This means every visit, every curious click, translates into earnings for you, even if your follower does not make a purchase. With affiliate commissions, your earnings are higher because you drive an actual sale.

Click campaigns are capped by the duration and the campaign amount. If we reach the end of the campaign or if the dollars run out, the campaign is over and you won't get any credit for any more clicks. You'll still earn commissions even if they occur after the campaign ends. If you're participating in a click campaign, post early and often!

All advocates can participate in the click campaign but we reserve the right to disqualify any clicks from you, your family or household. Only U.S. visitors are counted for clicks. And only unique clicks count towards earnings. Duplicate clicks (for example from the same IP address, same person, etc) are filtered out and counted as one. So don’t spend time just clicking links yourself!

You can see your clicks in almost real-time in My Analytics. This number may change as we account for ineligible clicks. After the campaign has ended and you will receive an email notifying you of your earnings and these earnings will also be reflect in My Analytics.

Do this, not that...

  • Do share what you like or don’t like about the product. Be honest and authentic! 
  • Do post and share often, especially when there are sales, discounts, new product introductions, and seasonal items.
  • Don’t mention a specific price. The price might vary from retailer to retailer and even within the same retailer. For example, did you know that Amazon changes its price for the exact same product depending on who the customer is? 
  • Don’t mention a specific retailer if you are linking to a product. The product may be available from multiple retailers and we will send the customer to the retailer offering the highest commission who is most likely to convert. 
Still have questions? Email us at